Archaeological base of the Archaeology Institute in Mikulčice (2013)

New Archaeological Centre is unique not only for its focus and specialization but also for its unusual architecture which tends to respect the surrounding countryside as much as possible. At the same time it contains all the functions of a working archaeological centre. It allows meetings, research activities, as well as working concentration in the immediate contact with the research subject.

We built the centre on the spot of an old sheepfold, which was in a disastrous condition and thus had been torn down. In its place an archaeological centre was risen that has its own distinctive and specific character. Three roof ridges are as if protruding from the landscape without any interference with the authenticity of the area that is a part of the conservation area. Traditional natural materials were used for the construction and together with a simple shaping they create pure lines.

The archaeological base allows not only research activities but it also provides background for the terrain researches and the depository of a discovery fund from the area. It is also a place for meeting of researchers, international conferences are held here as well as other workshops. The base is intended to become an oasis of calm and concentration, on which also the architecture and the building layout is based.

The building comprises of three wings accessible from the entrance hall that connects the individuals workplaces and serves also as a meeting room and a conference hall. Each of the wings also has its specific function. In one of them, the management has its headquarters with the secretariat; there is also the library with the archive. The second wing is comprised of the staff rooms and rooms of an apartment type for the researchers and external colleagues. In the third wing the offices and archaeologists` workshops are to be found where their practical feature is important for research activities. That is why all of them are north oriented by which they gain daylight and they are not overheated by the sun. The offices, on the other hand, are south-oriented but into the inside of the atrium which shades the opposing residential wing. Necessary practical background such as a yard, warehouse and garages are in the building as well. The exterior and the outer adjustments concept maximally respected preserving of the natural character of the landscape, therefore the base object is embedded into the natural structure of the area.

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