Building construction works on the Integrated Operations Centre for the Regional Directorate of the Zlín Regional Police (2011)

For their work, police officers need a high-quality background. Therefore they had decided for the reconstruction of the first floor of the building. All the works were conducted in several phases under the regular operation of the building. Besides the works on the Integrated Operational Centre (IOC), we built separate dressing rooms for men and for women, the short-term detention cells, the interrogation room and the living room ort the storage for the intervention equipment.

The works included demolition, chemical grouting of the enclosure walls against dampness, in some parts of the building new floorings were laid, in the social facilities the flooring is non-slip.

We supplied the Baťa-style building with the new acoustic plasterboard walls and also wooden Euro windows which we furnished with safety films. It was crucial to ensure the air-conditioning as well as the ventilation in order to be suitable for all employees.

The building obtained a horizontal isolation against ground damp; in the IOC rooms and the server room special double raised floors were laid to facilitate cable routing to the end elements. In the reconstructed 1st floor, we supplied and installed door panels with safety doors as well as the main entrance wall at the entrance into the IOC. The interior was divided by alluminium walls into individual workplaces according to the system of management of the particular departments.

The necessary and reliable locksmith features equipped the cells – for example steel cell bars. All the furniture and sanitary facilities are antivandal. The depository strong room is supplied with a certified door. The police centre thus in the reconstruction and the sub-works obtained a first-class modern workplace.

Realization from – to:                        09/2010 – 10/2011

Price of the construction:                              30 mil. CZK

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