IKEM – reconstruction of the operation rooms, the medical staff facilities and laboratories (2016)

The project of reconstructing the operation rooms at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (or IKEM) in Prague was a challenging one. The construction works had to be done precisely, however, rapidly so that the operation of the workplace could have been started again in as short a time as possible. The schedule of the works had therefore been planned into the slightest details, and we worked particularly in the time of summer vacations when the capacity of the IKEM is not fully utilised. The finished reconstructed area at the cost of 55 million CZK was handed over to the contracting party already in 100 days.

The project consisted not only of the renovation of the existing operation room, but it also included the construction of a new operation room, the need of which was initiated by the increasing number of transplant surgeries. For the mission and function of the ORs, these were equipped and furnished by the state-of-the-art devices (for instance by a mobile X-ray system and an aspirator device), as well as by adjustable operating tables with an interchangeable operating table tops ensuring a greater comfort in the transport of patients.

Our task was also to build laboratories designated to the treatment of complications caused by diabetes. We renovated the preparatory as well as resting areas for the medical staff to repose. The renovation touched also the improvement of the air-ventilation and the electrical installation. The constructions were carried out and finished in such a way which would not limit or collide with the operation of the institute and with the patients awaiting a surgical procedure.

We are proud to have been invited to reconstruct one of the most advanced clinical and scientific and research workplaces in the Czech Republic.

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