Karviná City Police building (2012)

The building, which is in use of the Municipal Police Department in Karviná, needed a complete reconstrucion. Upon the request of the client, we thus insulated the facades and roofs and carried out other construction works on the building. The entire reconstruction was being carried out while the regular operation of the building was running to the satisfaction of the client with as much minimized impact on the institution operation as possible.

The insulation and the reconstruction of the building required ground works, demolition as well as seal-offs of openings due to a new building layout with regards to enhancing the operation of the institution with training rooms. Some part of the building was insulated with a contact system whereas the rest of the building the insulation was realised with the insulated system in combination with ventilated facade system with CEMBONIT boards. We replaced wooden EURO windows, entrance door and glass walls.  The roof was supplemented with new hydroisolation and tinsmith features together with a lightning rod. For the police building is located in the protected zone, we had coordinated all the works on the facade in compliance with the requirements of the National Heritage Institute.

Further works and constructions were carried out in the interior as well as the exterior of the building: the wiring, the plumbing and the ventilation was repaired. We reconstructed the distribution of the central heating. We facilitated several rooms of the building with air-conditioning and we touched-up after the constructing works.

Realization from – to:                     08/2011-10/2012

Price of the construction:                           22 mil. CZK

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