Labour Office in Prostějov (2015)

An improved energy saving led to the reconstruction of the building of the Labour Office in Prostějov. The building after the reconstruction is now fully insulated and has new windows on its southern side. We also refurbished the glass walls through which contributed the most to the heat loss.

From the very beginning, the building for administrative purposes and its function was maintained even after the reconstruction. The only modification related to the transformation of the apartment of the caretaker, which was turned into office space. The facade was insulated with the contact insulating system with a top silicon layer, we renewed the roof cladding. The windows facing the street were removed and replaced with the higher-quality plastic windows. In the ground floor, we replaced simple windows with the insulation double or triple glazing. And for the metal glass walls had been unsuitable for the energy-saving reasons, we built new ones from aluminum profiles and we glazed them with an insulating glazing system.

We also performed repairs of the wall plasters, the entire area was recoated with a new stucco. The ceramic tiling in social facilities was replaced with the new ones, we completely removed the wooden cladding in the entrance area. Also, the water and vertical sewer systems have been renovated. The heating of the building was solved with three condensing gas water boilers. We also furnished the building with new heating, ventilating, air conditioning in selected offices, as well as with the electrical wiring.

We made efforts to maintain the original character of the building. However, we had to suggest a transposition of the entrance so that it could be used also by people for whom the barrier-free access is necessary. Two new elevators complying with the requirements of barrier-free utilization enable an easier getting-around the building; we supplied as well as installed the elevators. After the reconstruction, the Labour Office in Prostějov is energy efficient and also better accessible to everybody.

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