Labour Office in Šumperk – reconstruction of the building (2015)

An unnecessary energy consumption is no longer the case of the Labour Office building in Šumperk. The reconstruction of three buildings from the 1970s reduced their energy use intensity and saves the financial means of the Office. The building in the center of the town of Šumperk may keep its function as an administrative center. The area is adjusted to the needs of clients as well as employees of the Labour Office. The services are newly concentrated only into the only modern building with a barrier free access, more spacey waiting rooms and new elevators.

The main object with offices has four floors with a superstructure built in 1990s, the remaining two buildings house a lecture room with registries and offices. A gate to the yard with a car park is on the south-western side. During the construction works, the layout of the offices had changed: the most frequently visited offices are seated on the ground floor with sanitary facilities for visitors.

Insulation of the side walls and of the roofs of the two adjacent buildings represented a significant phase of the reconstruction, during which a substantial  reduction of the energy use intensity of the premises. The walls were sided with polystyrene and mineral wool boards ensuring also acoustic insulation. We maintained the color shade of the facade according to the original plans. As much of the heat leaked through windows and glass walls, we replaced the existing ones for black aluminium and plastic ones with a black foil.

The indoor repairs were associated with the flooring and plastering, we redecorated all rooms. The halls and sanitary facilities were tiled with ceramic tiles, the offices are furnished with carpets or PVC flooring. Some offices are connected with doors, others were extended according to the expressed needs. The damaged door wings were replaced with wooden wings, as well as the steel glass walls, which were replaced with new wooden doors. The interior is designed in one single color. The new as well as old door wings coating is designed in a corresponding manner. After the reconstruction, the Labour Office acquired its representative and corresponding area for visitors and its employees.

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