Nursery school in the Gardens (2015)

Our aim was to create a new nursery-school building and its surroundings so that it would become suitable for the needs of chidlren who will attend the school as well as for their parents, teachers and the employees. The nursery school in the Gardens corresponds to its name with its green roof which makes the impression of a building protruding naturally from the countryside. The new building has two floors with an outdoor terrace in the southern side of the building which is shaded with wooden pergolas.

When thinking of an appearance of the nursery school, its safety features had to be taken into account as well as the children's demands. Thus for instance the terrace in the upstairs cascading from the steep land may function as a playroom extension. On the edge of the garde terrace, a wooden bench is places lining the terrace. The garden provides children with sharable sandpits, play equipment and a multifunctional playground.  The current playground in the premises did not comply with the safety nor the                purposeful needs of the school, the new playground is therefore equipped with artificial turf and thus provides space for various play equipment such as swings, roundabouts, wooden houses or drawing boards. Moreover, a long jump track is located in the garden, as well as an area for tricycles, or two wooden gazebos.

The nursery school houses four classrooms for 112 children. Functional solutions of the building was therefore to be planned with regards to the regular operation of the school. All the indoor painting and coating is abrasion resistant. A so-called muddy dressing room is placed right at the entrance door and offers space for storing shoes of all the children or their parents. Starting with the stairway hall, the area is only clean. The outdoor terrace, which can serve as a play area, is accessible from the inside and the bench delimits the space for playing with slippers on from the outdoor area of the garden.

The main entrance with the hall, headmistress's office, meeting room, technical room, dressing rooms, bathrooms and two staircases are located on the ground floor. Each class has its own dressing room with lockers for children's clothes. Meal-preparation room is also located in the same building, however, not designed for own cooking. Besides pleasant greenery, the surrounding of the school provides also parking places for the parents, employees and visitors.

And to end with one peculiarity: during the construction we had to lintel the local hot-water pipes leading in the new nursery school position. We thus had to build retaining reinforced concrete walls and an exit ramp. In addition to this, we had to schedule the entire construction rather exactly to manage the linteling of the pipes within a two-day hot water shutdown for the entire street of block of flats.

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