Prague Conservatory, construction of a concert hall in the courtyard wing, stage 0002 – classrooms and concert hall for the Capital City of Prague (2011)

Young artists and musicians need not to only train their craft and talent, they need to appropriately perform their talent as well. That is why during the building of the new concert hall in the courtyard wing we focused not only on the technical features but also on creating a proper ambience of the concert hall.

Besides building a concert hall seating 333 visitors, we conducted the reconstruction of the first above- as well as under-ground floors and the extension of classrooms in the existing corner building of the Conservatory. The unusual and the high-quality architectural solution consequently received several awards: firstly in the category of Architecture and the building project in the CAD BUILDING PROJECT contest (STAVEBNÍ CAD PROJEKT) in 2010, and also the AWARD OF THE CHAMBER OF ENGINEERS 2011 within the VIII. Year of the ČKAIT (Czech Chamber of Engineers and Technicians in Construction) contest, as well as the Special award in the contest of the Construction of the year 2011 in the Zlín region in the category of Constructions realized outside the Zlín region.

What became an interesting challenge was the integration of an existing gothic well into the auditorium of the concert hall: we had to focus particularly on the protection against the pressure water from the nearby Vltava river. Using contrasting materials of wood and glass we consequently made a unique representative interior whereas the blocks of cast crystal glass remind with its shape Prague`s main river.

The works and constructions encompassed also the green roof. The  facade was provided with stone cladding, the interior was installed with comfortable reclining upholstered seats including the supply of fresh air to each of the seats. We supplied the necessary stage lighting, sound system, videoprojection, stage technology and the benches made of expended metal, as well as the modern irrigation system. In order for the talented artists and musicians to enjoy a sufficient space with the necessary background for their performances. Thanks to the excellent acoustics the hall may serve also as a recording studio for larger symphonic orchestras.

Realization from – to:                        11/2009 – 01/2011

Price of the construction:                              97 mil. CZK

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