Reconstruction and extension of the Home of the Holy Family (2013)

The Home of the Holy Family in Prague underwent the entire reconstruction and extansion of the residence area for the persons with disabilities such as people mentally impaired as well as patients with a combined disability. Thanks to the reconstruction an unsatisfactory premises was turned into a pleasant building that meets all the requirements on the barrier-free living. The non-profit organization can thus better create decent, stimulating and loving environment for these people and offer more opportunities for social interaction which is its aim.

The planned reconstruction of the Home of the Holy Family was carried out in two consequent phases. In the course of the first phase the renovation and the reconstruction of the old building was performed. The second phase then included the extansion of the new building. The original appearance of the house with social services had not been sufficient in regards to its layout neither to the comfort of its residents. The rooms had bad layouts, they were often rooms with more beds and were through rooms. The aim was thus all the premises organize in a more practical way and at the same time to increase its accomodation capacity.

The residential as well as the sanitary facilities required the constructions and repairs, as well as the kitchen, laundry and the social facility for the employees. The entire Home is newly adapted mainly to those persons who demand a special care for their reduced mobility and orientation. These requirements are now met by all the entrances into the building as well as the interior of the building itself. The residents may utilize ramps, handrails on the doors and walls and a spacial elevator. The sanitary facilities also meet all the necessities for a barrier-free use.     

In addition to the comfort and convenience of the clients, the reconstruction took into account also reducing the energy intensity of the building, for example, the building envelope was provided with the insulation system. With the reconstruction of the Home thus its residents obtained generally more cosy living that adequatly meets their specific requirements. Thanks to the repairs even a place for therapeutical programs and different activities for supporting of independence of the impaired was created.

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