Reconstruction of the building of the Institute of Applied Mechanics in the campus of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology (2013)

The repairs and amendments to the building in the campus of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology for the client – the Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno – included the entire reconstruction of the building, minor layout modifications and building a new extension. All these works were carried out under an uninterrupted operation of the institute. The concept of the premises was preserved which provided the employees with not only new and extended premises, but also with a more convenient utilization of the object.

During the reconstruction we had to coordinate our work together with the simultaneous reconstruction of the utility infrastructure and of the outer space of the building. We thus first performed the works on the extansion and on the treatment of the facade. The other works were taking place in the interior of the building and did not interfere with the simultaneous projects. In the course of the demolishing works, the facade was demounted, the roof structure and the flooring were dismantled, as well as some walls. We replaced the old windows and entrances within the entire building, including the installation of new motoric opening door solutions.

The building got new thermal insulation and a new ceramic ventilated facade thanks to which the client will be able to save significant energy costs. Due to the new extension it was also necessary to extend the staircase and build gypsum ceilings. The new floor also has a training room and a meeting room where an acustic ceiling was placed to lower the period of reverberation in the space. The layouts of the building on the lower floors were basically preserved, however, the functions of some parts and rooms changed into currently more suitable utilization according to the needs of the Institute.

By the construction of a false ceiling on the ground floor, two archives were formed and the office space was extanded, the meeting room was moved. A terrace was created on the roof with the plastic slatted wood-imitation flooring. The equipment of the building as well as the entire reconstruction unwound from the overall concept of the complex which remained preserved. Brno University of Technology thus obtained suitable and convenient premises for its modern building of the Institute of Applied Mechanics both for the teachers as well as the students.

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