Reconstruction of the buildings called U Tiskárny in Ostrava (2012)

The historical building in Ostrava is a national heritage which is located in the urban conservation zone called Přívoz. Therefore it was necessary during the reconstruction to respect the character of the entire building as much as possible being it during replacing of the ceilings, facade restoration or a new extension. By the reconstruction, the building employees obtained a larger and more pleasant space for use.

The former object consisted of two wings which we interconnected into one whole by building of new bungalow buildings. The extension extended the building by communicational and sanitary spaces and architectonically supplemented the current buildings. A part of the attic was reconstructed where new offices and other rooms were thus made. The original wooden ceilings were replaced with steel-construction ceiling withou any intervention into the historical facade.  

We restored the stucco decorations on the front profile of the building; no other interventions were made on this part. The windows and doors were replaced with copies of the original doors and windows so that the entire architectural character of the building remains preserved.  The facade from the yard area of the building was insulated due to which the thermo-technical properties of the building was enhanced. During the reconstruction we had found out that the basement walls suffer from higher humidity, therefore it was necessary to take appropriate measures of treatment so that the strength of the walls remains unspoilt.  

The reconstruction of the building called U Tiskárny (At the Printing house) included also the construction works in the yard which was partially grassed and planted with blooming bushes and trees to diversity and touch in the overal character of the place. The remaining area of the yard was turned into a paved parking lot. The complete reconstruction thus enlarged and interconnected spaces of the building where mainly offices are located together with workshops, storages, garages and parking places for the employees and visitors of the building. By the reconstruction a modern and user-friendly space was created meeting the demands on better energetical properties of the building.

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