Reconstruction of the Home for the Elderly in Dobrá Voda (2013)

The home for the elderly as a place for peaceful old age had needed extensive repaires that required significant repairs as well as the modification of the layout. The construction was performed under the regular operation of the home which on one hand made the coordination of works difficult and brought certain restrictions, however, in the end a cosy and modern facility was created, which became the real home for the elderly.

The repairs and amendments of the retirement home included the reconstruction of three pavilions and the construction of a new storage. The interior of all buildings underwent extensive modifications, including constructing as well as demolishing works and complete changes in the layouts. Practically only the supporting system of the buildings were preserved so the elderly came back to an entirely new home. The windows and floors were replaced and new walls and soffits were built.

The extension included also amendments to the entrance hall with the main staircase and replacement of two out-dated elevators with the new ones. During the repairs, we built three new terraces, including a special terrace for patients with a special regime, who must be under a constant supervision. The entire construction is adapted to the requirements of the elderly who are often limited in mobility as well as orientation. For instance, wheelchair accesses to all the rooms were created. The bathrooms were equipped with non-slip tiles, all the doors are without doorstep and there are handrails mounted on them. The handrails were installed also in the halls and in the sanitary facilities to facilitate easy movement around the building for the elderly.

The reconstruction was carried out in sequence with the regards to the operation of the Home in Dobrá Voda so that its residents would move only within the necessary extent. Thanks to the constructing works, they may today have a home meeting all the necessary requirements on the quality and pleasant housing with necessary equipment and background.

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