Reconstruction of the House of Culture in Kroměříž (2016)

The building located in the monument protected area, but mainly in the center of the cultural life of the town of Kroměříž has undergone another renovation procedure. Beside the renovation of the roof above the Assembly Hall, a new installation of air ventilation channels, and last but not least, the completion of the works in the Assembly Hall was a part of the reconstruction plan. The inhabitants of the town thus may enjoy this year´s ball season with its enhanced lighting as well as sound reinforcement. The performing artists will then appreciate a newly equipped stage.

The reconstruction involved also some demolition, earth- as well excavation works – these were carried out with the maximum respect of the public greenery in the nearby park. The tree situated in the near vicinity of the House of Culture was granted a special protection during the renovation against damage; and during the time of its dormancy, a grown shrub was expertly replanted and it thus made space for the newly built air ventilation channel for the cooling unit. The aboveground segment of the channel will also be used as a new advertising board.

The roof construction needed reinforcement of the steel girders which were facilitated with a new anti-corrosion coating. Simultaneously, a new system, attested fire-prevention ceiling was built, to which an acoustic ceiling was installed. Thus, the fire prevention of the roof, as well as the appropriate acoustics of the hall are ensured.

The House of Culture in Kroměříž has turned into a pleasant place to be re-visited by social events goers.

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