Reconstruction of the ward of gynecology and obstetrics in Karviná (2015)

The ward is located in the Hospital in Karviná called Ráj (Paradies), and ensures significant services to mothers and newborns. At the same time, it is the medical staff who need modern and perfectly equipped workplace. The objective of the reconstruction thus was to increase the overall standard of the department. We focused especially on the operation room for urgent cesarean sections, and on minor constructions in the remaining spaces of the obstetric ward.

The changes touched also the inpatient ward for maternity and the neonatal ward. The works on the area included also the energetic manifolds, and sanitary facilities were built in every inpatient room. The inpatient ward facilitates three three-bed rooms, two double rooms, and two single rooms. While some of the rooms are equipped with toilets and showers, in other rooms, due to potential humidity and noise spreading, sanitary modules had to be built which are accessible from the hall. 

In the course of the reconstruction, some of the existing crossbars were torn down and openings for new doors were prepared. Metal crossbars, doors, and metal ceilings were dismounted and replaced. After the existing painting coat was scratched off the walls, the coating was repaired and new stucco layer was applied,  on the wooden constructions in the medical area stucco layer with gypsum finish. Both current elevators were repaired. The goods elevator got a new shaft shrouding with concrete-chipboard boards. The other elevator designed for the transport of beds was reconstructed, and the elevator cabin, as well as the shaft doors on individual floors, were replaced.  The elevator may now be used also as an elevator for evacuation.

In the overall process, only attested materials with proven durability, compliant to the demanding requirements of a medical workplace and to the use in medical objects. Sub-components are highly resistant to a frequent use of disinfectants. We were aware of the necessity to proceed rather tactfully and sensitively, as all the works were done during a regular operation of other hospital wards. Before the constructions were finished, the building was cleaned, fitted with handrails and laths - so that the building was friendly to mothers with children, visitors, as well as to the hospital personnel.

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