Reconstruction works in the Hospital in the town of Kroměříž (2015)

A new sobering-up station was established in the southeastern area of the Hospital in Kroměříž. Its operations had been moved from the former second floor of Building A into the ground floor of the newly reconstructed Building H, which became more convenient for the client admission.

The reconstruction touched mainly the inner layout of the station. The facility has a new separate entrance leading into the admission room and four separation cells. Clients of the station are put up in these cells immediately after they have been brought, and are monitored by the CCTV camera system. The washbasins were solved to meet the required criteria. Due to the possible aggressiveness of admitted persons, the entire equipment is damage-resistant.

The station intakes seven clients and these are supervised by a three-member staff. The personnel was also thought of while building the new employee facility. The staff utilizes their own dressing room, a shower, and a toilet. The renovation plan also included the new ventilation engine-room, which was constructed in the basement. The engine room is accessible by the staircase from the office wing.

Renovated Building H was insulated by mineral wool insulation material, and we thus lowered its energy efficiency level to level B, ie. very low. The front facade was fitted by a highly visible graphic sign with the inscription reading PZS (standing for the sobering-up station). The sign serves as an orientation hint for the police in particular as it is them who bring clients into the station most frequently.

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