Regional Court in Hradec Králové – the Regional Court branch in Pardubice (2016)

We have finished the reconstruction of the building of the Regional Court in Hradec Králové located in Pardubice. The aim of the reconstruction was to return to the building its former artistic and architectural qualities, and material gentility with the use of the indoor layout which stems from the former contemporary layout of the building as much as possible, and which is maximally adapted to the new purpose of the building.

We concentrated particularly on the consistent renewal of the outdoor appearance of Object B which was the focus of our attention and of our solutions. The industrial six-pane windows were replaced as well as the replicas of the former subtle steel shop windows. Above the main front of the building is in its upper right corner a metal relief sculpture mounted, picturing the Czech lion created according to the draft of the extant emblem by Ladislav Machoň. A new lighted sign on the facade above the main entrance was made and fitted, and an orientation system was installed. 

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