Regional Professional Education Centre for the engineering and automotive industries for the Josef Sousedík Secondary Technical School in Vsetín (2011)

The energy saving measures were being solved in the three buildings for practical education in the premises of the Secondary technical school. The construction represented mainly the replacement of the windows, the wirings and the insulation of the facades, roofs and floors. Today the particular buildings thus meet all the thermal and technical norms and modern low-energy standards.

The Vsetín secondary school is attended daily by hundreds of students who are preparing for their vocations as car mechanics and agricultural machinery mechanics. Three separately standing buildings, housing mainly the car garages and agricultural machinery workshops, as well as dressing rooms, foremen`s offices, sanitary facilities and the cafeteria, were thermally insulated. All reconstructed buildings were in unsatisfactory conditions and required considerable demolition works. During the insulation, all window panes were pulled down, the roofs were unmounted, as well as were the existing ceilings and flooring. Polystyrene insulation boards, reinforcement textile made of a glass-textile material, following with the outer coat were used for the facades.

The existing sidings solve not only thermal isolation of the building but are also resistent to increased mechanical strain as well as dampness. As the old wooden windows did not meet the requirements for the thermal and technical properties of doors and windows, they were replaced with new plastic windows with steel reinforcement. The wooden tile floor was replaced with thermal insulation with the top layer of industrial concrete floor. The replacement was needed mainly in the area of car garages where the floor becomes extremely strained. In the rooms where the original floors were made of concrete screed, we only replaced their surfaces.

When replacing the wiring we removed the current ceilings including the old infra-radiators and replaced all the wiring. Besides, the heating systems were adjusted: all buildings are now heated by hot water heating with the forced water circulation system by the means of the original hot water boilers. Newly there are ceiling ventilators avaialable, which are used for the extraction of exhaust gases, which is benefitial for the students and the employees and

their work in the buildings during lessons.

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