Renovation and extension of the Frýdek – Místek Juvenile Home. Investor: Juvenile Home and School Canteen Ostrava-Hrabůvka. (2011)

The Reformatory institution has its aim in ensuring a pleasant place for accommodation as well as the extra-curricular education of girls. Therefore we conducted the reconstruction and the extension with the objective to build a convenient and comfortable place for everyday use.

Because the Reformatory institutions is mainly an accommodation facility, we carried out significant reduction of glass surfaces by window strips with inserts. While insulating the facade, we preserved only the vertical division which solved the problem of the sheeting of the entrance circumferential stiffeners.

The extension was built in the form of a false attic and in a similar layout such as the 2nd floor of the building – it accommodates groups, each one of eight girls, as an accommodation unit. Where needed, the rooms were equipped with kitchen counters, the wirings and other features. The staircase was extended into the built attic.

Realization from - to: 5/2010 – 04/2011     

Price of the construction:                  15 mil. CZK

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