Renovation of pavilion D at the Hospital of Merciful Sisters of St. Borromeo. Investor: Congregation of Merciful Sisters of St. Borromeo (2012)

The congregation of the Sister of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo has been engaged in the care for terminally ill patients not only in Prague for many years. They make the maximum efforts to ensure dignified aging for every such patient. To do this, however, they need appropriate space and room with a high-quality background.

Therefore the congregation had decided for a general reconstruction of the 3rd floor of Pavilion D, which serves as an inpatient ward of palliative care for terminally ill patients. The ward was necessary to upgrade to meet the current medical trends and to be fully convenient for both the nurses as well as the patients; to be comfortable and pleasant to use.

The rooms thus newly have necessary nurse-patient communication equipment, the distribution of oxygen and palliative care bed platforms. By the demanding but precise modernization, the Congregation obtained a high-quality facility meeting the European standards.

We newly rebuilt the cafeteria for the employees which thus acquired its original historical character and enahnced the comfort of dining. During the next phase, we completely reconstructed the roof of Building D and performed the reconstruction with the emphasis on the complete modernization of the multifunctional hall in the main building. Even though all the works were carried out without the shutdown of the hospital, thanks to our mutual cooperation we managed to do so without any troubles.

Thanks to the reconstruction, fully respecting the requirements of this health care facility, the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy may now with the necessary background and the full service fully occupy with their most important task of all – the care of terminally ill patients.

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