Renovation of the Hippopotamus Pavilion at the Ostrava ZOO for the support of alternative energy resources for the Ostrava Zoo (2010)

The old pavilion that was not satisfactory for the needs of the exposition was turned into an attractive and popular place of the Ostrava ZOO visitors. Due to the reconstruction, the newly rebuilt pavilion shows radically reduced the energy costs.

Generally, we restored the building structure including the replacement of the roof which newly obtained a shape of a hippo. We replaced the steel trusses with the wooden glued ones that better emphasise the exotic style of the pavilion. Our company insulated and modernized the pavilion to meet the contemporary thermal and technical norms. At the same time we had to ensure a good climatic conditions for the animals as well as the visitors in the pavilion which was achieved by installation of suitable ventilation and automatic opening skylights regulating the climate in the interior.

Of course, we put an emphasis on the comfort of the pavilion residents – hippos, crocodiles and fish – for whom the exposition area was extended by five metres. We placed a pool for the crocodiles that is heated by heating zones, the flora and fauna essential for the well-being of the animals. The hippo exposition needed special steel gate weighing almost two tons with automatic opening system. We considered also the safety zone between the visitors and the animals, therefore we set up triple safety glass to the railings and also walls of the passage corridor.

The interior was installed with regards to the as faithful induction of a natural environment of the African biotop as possible. That is why there are artificial rocks, trees, stones and a waterfall inside. The regulation of the heating system together with water heating enables setting up natural water temperature for the crocodile and hippo pools. New filtration systems guarantee the water purity in the pool and in the Tanganika aquarium for the fish. Having used special materials, we also achieved the ideal water pH for the water animals.

The difficulty of the construction works lied in the fact that we were conducting them without limitation of the hippo pavilion operation in Ostrava ZOO. Therefore we installed safety measures separating animals from the visitors as well as the workers and builders. Yet the reconstruction could be finished within the required deadline and the pavilion today fully serves to its satisfied visitors and the dwelling exotic animals.

Realization from – to:                        05/2010 – 12/2010

Price of the construction:                              34 mil. CZK

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