Repairs on the premises of the Home for the Elderly called Barborka Kroměříž (2015)

The Barborka social facility with its equipment and services improves lives of the handicapped, and it serves especially to clients with mental impairment. Our task was to repair the hydroisolation and waterproofing of bathrooms and showers on the premises of the social facility.

The building has six accommodation units, its own kitchen, the laundry, a health care and administrative part. The remaining pavilions house the rehabilitation facility and the protected housing. We paid attention to the questions of serviceability as well as of all the materials used – so that they prevent slipping or falling.

The rooms were repainted and furnished with utilities including handles for the handicapped. Some buildings needed a complete replacement of water supply as well as sewer systems. We did not intervene into the load-bearing structures of the buildings, nor did we transform their appearance.

In the course of the repairs, we were working during the regular operation of the social facility, the operation was only shortly interrupted when replacing the water and sewer systems. All repairs were performed so that they affect the immediate surroundings only minimally, particularly not to deteriorate the environment for the inhabitants and the immediate vicinity by excessive dustiness and noise.

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