Šestajovice – a new wing of the distributional center (2016)

A distributional center in Šestajovice became extended by a new outbuilding. The capacity of the storage area was enhanced by 75% thanks to the constructional and technical solution, and the site may thus take on a higher number of employees. The project had been realized under the everyday and uninterrupted operation of the site, without the need to phase out the construction into individual stages.

By annexing the production area to the newly built administration wing of the building we gave rise to an airy and spacious working environment, which had been the objective of this construction phase. The emphasis was put on the high-quality microclimate ensured by high-performing air-conditioning units. After the new building had been finished, the existing administrative building underwent reconstruction with the aim to improve the dining area and sanitary facilities.

The drainage of the handling areas and the parking lot was realized in the form of a newly designed storm sewer. Against any contamination, we also included separators of petroleum substances into the drainage system capable of catching such fluids.

In spite of the physical demands of work in a warehouse, the employment in such a site excludes employment of persons with reduced mobility, however, they are counted with to become a prospective clients or visitors of the employees. The new spaces are therefore entirely barrier-free. The access to the higher floors is facilitated by an elevator, and two parking places are designated for people with disabilities.

By connecting the practicality of the warehouse and storage spaces with the fresh and modern design of the workplace cafeteria we managed to create a safe and comfortable working environment.

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