The auditorium at the Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo Hospital (2012)

The main demand on the reconstruction of the auditorium was to create a place for hospital activities such as educational programs. At the same time the hospital wished to enhance the comfort of the utilization of the room: the auditorium was extended with a foyer, a cloak-room and its own sanitary facility. The visitors now do not have to walk through the hospital but may use a conveniently separated entrance.

The reconstruction of the auditorium of the Sisters of St. Borromeo formed a separately accessible hall which does not in any way interfere with the operation of the hospital and enables its visitors a more convenient entrance as well as uninterrupted work for the staff. Whereas before the reconstruction the only entrance was from the interior of the hospital, newly a separated entrance was established accessible from the outside thanks to a ramp, which was built, and the stairs. The existing hall was divided by a glass wall which created a space now functioning as the cloak-room and the foyer. The former storage room gave rise to an isolated sanitary facility for the visitors of the lecture room.  

The auditorium was reconstructed as well. The old wall finishes as well as the walls were removed and the walls got a new two-layer plaster with outer stucco paint. The hall has very interesting flat arches with columns and pillars which needed repair. The hall is lightened by new windows that replaced the original ones. Their appearance and charatcter remained preserved so that neither the architectural nor the artistic design of the building becomes disrupted. Also the massive wooden door with glass panels copy the dignified appearance of the original windows. Thanks to the reconstruction of the hospital auditorium, a place for a variety of educational and lecturing events was created and it preserves the beautiful historical appearance of the entire building.

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