The campus of the University of Pardubice (2015)

The Campus of the University of Pardubice, located in the municipal part called Polabiny, is ready for the arrival of new students. Besides new lecture rooms, the parking lot has been extended.

The most extensive construction works were carried out in the ground-level building of the Faculty of Transport Engineering with the heavy laboratories retreating the necessity to increase the capacity of students. The existing space gave room to 8 new classrooms and 6 lecture rooms equipped with electronically dimmable window shades so the ambiance of the rooms will be pleasant even during summer months. Students may spend and shorten their time between lectures in modern rest areas in front of the classrooms or in the atrium where green mature trees were planted. The area provides an installment of a sc. Havel´s Place (a bench and two chairs) not only for decorating the place but also for providing seats and place for discussion.

The building was extended by a new floor for the IT staff. The second floor houses 5 offices, a kitchen, and sanitary facilities. The extension equalizes the difference in height with the adjacent tract of the Faculty of Transport Engineering.

An elevated glass bridge connecting the newly reconstructed building and the widely used building marked EA was erected for the more comfortable passing between these two buildings even in bad weather conditions. The construction of the bridge was preceded by demolition works and demounting of the roofing above the EA building entrance. The light lead bridge construction was separated from the building by extension joints as well as against the spread of fire.

More and more students come to school and lectures by their own vehicles and therefore increasing the number of parking places became another required campus facilities enhancement. Nowadays, the campus of the University of Pardubice may park by 93 more vehicles, including 5 places for vehicles transporting with reduced mobility.

The new generation of university students may thus look forward to the practical and at the same time pleasant and good-looking environment. We are honored to have had the possibility to contribute to all of this.

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