The garret in the Czech Technical University in Prague - the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (2013)

The staff of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering definitely need enough space for their research, scientific and teaching activities. Therefore the top part of the building was touched up, which allowed enlarging of the office area of this faculty belonging to the Czech Technical University in Prague. Thus some pleasant and significantly larger space was achieved. We preserved the character and the architectural appearance of the neoclassical building by for example building new dormer windows corresponding to the style of the building, as well as by minimal intervention into the truss construction.

Realization of the construction was divided according to the wings of the building into three individual parts. Before the commencement of the construction works, we had performed necessary exploration of the distribution and by the means of a probe we had found a static load of the ceilings above the third and the fourth floor. The demolition works meant primarily to remove brick paving and the filling on these ceilings, which relieved the ceiling construction and allowed laying of the new floors.

The building belongs to the Prague Heritage Reservation which since 1993 has been proclaimed for UNESCO World Heritage Sight. The construction was thus supervised by the heritage department. We tried maximally reduce interventions into the current appearance as well as the construction of the truss, and the new dormer windows were modeled exactly according to the existing ones. We similarily proceeded during the construction of the new truss which was completely treated and exchanged. The roofing also underwent a total modification and represented one of the main parts of the reconstruction. All three parts of the attic serve as new offices for the faculty teachers and researchers. The end-parts of the mansards thus remained as open loft spaces, some of which accomodated technological equipment for ventilaton and air-conditioning. The garret is accessible from the staircase or by two elevators, which were also completely renovated. The utter construction did not restrict the regular operation of the building, and as a result it significantly enlarged the area and comfort of the faculty to its benefit. The scientists as well as the teachers thus occupy significantly larger and suitable space for their work.

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