The building of the visitor centre is a part of the National cultural heritage Mikulčice Archeopark. The natural context of the surrounding countryside, surrounding buildings as well as the entire objection of the building become the key factors for the area. Our aim was to create a modern building designed for the public and at the same time serving as an administrative facility of the Slavic settlement in Mikulčice. The architecture solution used and was based on these principles.

The current building of the visitor centre was pulled down.  We built a new building on its extended layout and we also build the second floor of the visitor centre. The next step was a new facade, thermal insulation, landscaping works around the building, including new furniture and information boards. Last but not least we built new sewage tanks, sewage connections, water connection, fire hydrants and rain drains.

The rusty sheet evoking antiquity and history were the basic cladding material. We complemented the sheet with large glass surfaces due to which visitors of the visitor centre have an instant and continuous contact with the surroundings. The building itself copies the relief of the surrounding landscape which enhances the pleasant impression of the entire premises and the surrounding countryside. Therefore it had suggested the extension with a watchtower with a solid steel staircase enabling to observe the overall Archeopark from the height of thirty meters.

The new layout of the visitor centre is based on the requirements for the museum and exhibition spaces. It provides a practical and architecturally interesting facility for spending one's leisure time at, or for research work. The resulting building of the extended visitor centre does not have a regular shape; the shape includes two intersecting oblongs. Exhibition spaces, conference hall equipped with high-quality audiovisual and illumination technology are located in the first floor.  So-called Experimentarium occupies the central part, the place for additional visitor activities and also for creative workshops. Of course there are also facilities for visitors, as well as bathrooms, ticket boxes and cloakrooms.

In the part with admission a temporary exhibition is placed, Small gallery is located on the first floor and the watchtower entrance. The gallery is aimed at short-term exhibitions of artists with site-specific  artwork and links to Mikulčice and the close surroundings. An administrative area is located in the upstairs and is separated from the visitor part and thus provides a calm workplace.

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