The Museum and gallery centre in Žerotín Chateau (2014)

Dominating the town. The most beautiful sight in the far surrounding. All are the attributes of Žerotín Chateau in the town of Valašské Meziříčí. And as any other significant sight, even this one deserves representative space for gethering and culture. Therefore the Museum and gallery centre was established in the Chateau with our participation.

Žerotín Chateau is the natural part of the historical centre of the town. That is why we paid attention to preserving its character. The solution of the gallery centre follows upon the original appearance of the Chateau where reneissance elements combine with opulent baroque decorations. Due to this fact we did not hesitate to have new joinery elements made and we provided the place with wooden plank floors, parquet and castle brickstone squares.

New exhibition room should serve primarily for acquaintance of people with arts, culture as well as with one another. Thus three floors were designed for these purposes. They comprise of several connected functional rooms with exposition spaces as well as multipurpose rooms and sanitary facilities. The centre continuee in the area for the personnel including the service elevator and staircase.

The keepers plan to utilize the ground floor for organizing short-term and medium-term exhibitions. The first floor is on the contrary suitable for a permanent exposition and the second floor serves for exhibitions as well as for conferences, lectures and workshops. We equipped the halls on this floor with genuine stone flooring.

An ideal functionality of the Chateau was needed for the comfort of future guests: thus we repaired the existing windows and the interior walls. In some rooms we painted special castle lines in the paintings. The arches underwent extensive sanitation. All the repairs of walls, new coatings and stucco were based on the original shape of the more preserved chateau rooms and on the photographs. The ambience is perfectly complemented with the period decorated Flemish chandeliers.

The new Museum and gallery centre of Žerotín Chateau is to serve to everybody, therefore a barrier-free elevator is a necessity. The individual floors are moreover interconnected by a new evacuation spiral staircase, which was placed in its historically original position. Thanks to the gentle reconstruction, the original character of Žerotín Chateau has been preserved and the attractive museum and gallery centre is ready to welcome its visitors from afar.

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