The primary school and a gym in Zeleneč (2014)

Capacitively insufficient grounds of the Primary school in Zeleneč were extended by a new building for the second degree pupils, where nine classrooms and a new gym are located. The building was connected to the existing building with a tunnel for the pupils to be able to move around the school with dry feet. There is also greenery and parking places for the employees.

The new school building has three floors and houses classrooms oriented to the south and south-west into the school garden. The building continues in a partially recessed gym with dressing rooms and washrooms including two shower-rooms. Besides there are also necessary reinforcing pillars on the walls and acoustic ceilings which were installed also in the classrooms for the elimination of noise.  

The building has a flat roof, thus it does not exceeds the roofs of the neighbouring houses and perfectly fits into the surroundings. Except for the building itself, we conducted works also on the sanitation, connections of water supply, of gas supply, electricity as well as of the public lighting. It was necessary to connect the driveway and to establish the greenery around the school, which would be a pleasant and calm area for the pupils. We also solved the electronic communication system installation for the school bell.

The new school is entirely insulated with triple glazed windows in the classrooms and the heating with efficient condensing boilers with low emissions. In addition to environment-friendliness the practicality of the building had been considered: for instance the floor coating consists of a triple slip resistant coating, which i salso water and impact resistant. We thus eliminated the potential risk of injuries of pupils during breaks.

In total, the school building houses 216 pupils and their 12 teachers. It is thus entirely ready to serve to its aim – modern education.

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