Total reconstruction of 25 m swimming pool building in Zlín - the Ist phase of the siding and roofs reconstruction (2014)

The building of an indoor swimming pool is with its Baťa-style nature a part of the complex of the “old“ Winter baths in Zlín. The baths are situated in the urban conservation area and are enlisted in the list of cultural immovable monuments of the Czech Republic. The reconstruction of the building consisted in renewing the entire siding, it means the cladding and glass walls, the window panes and the roofs.

The original weather-stained facade was completely chipped away and was additionally insulated from the inner side. The ceiling construction had been in a deplorable condition was also replaced with wateproof suspended ceilings. The existing air conditioning and the technological plumbing in the swimming pool building was secured and overlaid with plasterboard. The swimming pool is newly accessible also for handicapped and immobile persons thanks to the folding inner ramp.

For the fact that the swimming pool building has high humidity, we considered also the necessary walls and floors isolation, which we solved with suitable floor screed and protective coating. The roof was equipped with spare transmissions for the possible future air conditioning. For all walls, windows and roofs such solutions were sought in order to comply with the current standards but at the same time preserved the historical appearance of the building.

We restaured the existing double glazed wall of the main swimming pool building. We renewed the original door. We had to entirely replace the wall of the main staircase, however, we were again able to maintain its appearance as well as its structure. In the course of these works we used the archival photographs and documentation to preserve the typical character of the building.

The reconstruction was being conducted in the spirit of unique ambience of the building from the times of its construction at the turn of the 1940s and 1950s. At the same time the entire place obtained a new modern look which will prolong longevity of the building and will ensure the economical operation.

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