Video references

Some of our successful projects have been also video shot, so you can view them in a spectacular moving format. Look at the results of our work from different angles, from the outside and the inside, accompanied with a helpful commentary.

A number of interesting shots will also be found in our photo references. And if you are interested in buildings, the construction of which we conosider the most prestigious, you may directly visit a well-arranged list of significant buildings.

It will be our pleasure, should you become attracted to our new portfolio and when you contact us. We will find the best possible solution for your building, fully respecting your ideas and requirements.

The Prague Conservatory

A new concert hall arised in the Prague Conservatory yard. What else could prepare future singers to overcome stage fright better than stage performance?! The auditorium seats up to 333 spectators who will enjoy listening as well as good breathing air. Each padded seat has been equipped with its own air intakes.

We had to think of the aesthetic beauty of the hall, but mainly of the acoustics. We supplied the necessary stage lighting, sound installations, videoprojections, and stage technologies. And as the acoustics of the hall is excellent, the hall may turn into a recording studio for larger orchestras.

Two awards are the evidence of the successful architectural design. The hall first won in the cathegory of Architecture and building project in the contest called BUILDING CAD PROJECT in 2010. Later, it received an award in the VIIIth ČKAIT PRIZE of the ENGINEERING CHAMBER in 2011, and the Special prize in the Building of the Year competition for 2011 in the Zlín Region in the cathegory of Constructions realized beyond the Zlín Region.

We sincerely hope the Prague Conservatory students will become equally successful in collecting awards.

We have been doing an honest craft – for 25 years

It has already been 25 years since Ing. Viliam Wachal made a decision to start-up a construction business. The company had begun with the gift of his skillful hands, numerous ideas, and of three handy bricklayers. The company today offers a complex range of buiding construction services and we have tens of employees as well as a construction yard, warehouses with high-quality materials, state-of-the-art machinery, and a stable team of specialists who are able to find the best possible solution for any assigned project.

You may encounter structures and buildings constructed by our company in the entire Czech Republic as well as behind its borders. We realized contracts for instance in the United States of America, Tunisia, Finland, Romania, or Italy. We are able to handle modern buildings, and we know how to gently return the lost gleam to historical sights. Some of our projects may be proud of being awarded the Building of the Year prize.

Throughout the quarter of the century, the needs, requirements and satisfaction of our customers has been our greatest priority. We hope the honest Czech craft will still celebrate success in the days to come.

Spa resort Tree of Life in Bělohrad for Anenské slatinné lázně a.s.

The projected construction of a new spa complex is located in the eastern edge of the town of Lázně Bělohrad in the direction of town part called Brtev and the pond called Pardoubek. The area was partly occupied by a building of the two-storey boarding house called Pardoubek. The rest of the site is mostly covered by grass with the parking lot, hard surfaces and pavements, with several grown trees on the bank of the afore mentioned pond.

The important view from the current spa resort was closed by the building not only by its operations, but also as exposed to the view, as well as speaking of the urban plan. The building of a today removed boarding house Pardoubek represented the temporary task of a block closure and the termination of the view area. The free space between the new building and the existing spa resort was complemented by a parking lot, for which forestry solutions were realized, and also by a new natural park, Anenské slatinné lázně, a. s. - The town of Lázně Bělohrad Spa resort TREE OF LIFE

Šestajovice – a new wing of a distributional center

The project of building the Distributional Center in Šestajovice had been realized under the everyday and uninterrupted operation of the site. With the new hall, the capacity of the storage area was enhanced by 75%. The a higher number of employees may thus rise and so a new administrative area with dining area and sanitary facilities were necessary. The existing administrative building underwent reconstruction.

Due to the fact that there are handling areas and a parking lot within the premises, the drainage system therefore includes also separators of petroleum substances to prevent potential contamination. The new storm sewer is thus custom designed for the particular operation of the site.

The access into the newly annexed building is entirely barrierfree. The higher floors are accessible for the persons with disabilities by means of an elevator, and the parking place facilitates two designated parking places.

The Memorial in Hrabyně

The Second World War Memorial in Hrabyně was opened in 1980 as the Memorial to the Ostrava Offensive. After 1989 and the related change in the political regime, the Memorial turned into the Memorial of National Freedom commemorating the victims from the ranks of WWII. domestic as well as foreign resistance in the north of Moravia and Silesia, and also the soldiers fallen during the liberation of the locality, and commemorating other vital moments of the fight for freedom of the Czech Nation in the course of the 20th century.

The aim of the project was the reconstruction of the main building of the Memorial, which currently houses the exposition from 1992. The technical condition of the Memorial and especially the condition of the technical installations required an inevitably extensive reconstruction. We were honored to participate in such an extensive reconstruction of the Memorial of National Freedom in Hrabyně. The technical condition needed an immediate intervention. Today, the memorial is in a good condition and may continue to remind the milestones in the history of our country in the 20th century.


The construction works in the KCK CYKLOSPORT - MODE s.r.o. were completed.

We facilitated the construction of a new administrative building and of a warehouse. The administrative building is a four-storey object, immediately connected to the warehouse building designated as a reinforced concrete skeleton object. A parking lot for the staff and customers is situated at the entrance to the grounds of the company and has a direct connection to the administrative building. A truck parking is located behind the warehouse. The object is surrounded by a bypass road.

The construction project included also the installation of the utility networks and connections. There is a unique aspect of the works – the solar water heating systems placed on the roof of the building.

Archeological Institute Research in Mikulčice

New archeological station is unique not only by its focus but also by the unusual architecture, respectful to its surroundings as much as possible. It at the same time includes all functions necessary for an archeological base, allowing meeting, research, as well as concentration while working in an immediate contact with the research subject.

The base was built on the spot of a former sheepfold, which had been in disrepair and had thus been torn down. Meanwhile, a center with a highly distinctive and specific character. Three roof tops protrude out of the countryside without breaching the authenticity of the protected area. Natural materials were used for the construction of the object; the materials in combination with the simple shapes create pure lines.

Surf Arena in Prague - Letňany

The idea of surfing in a closed place had first came to life in the USA ten years ago. Since then it has become widely popular and spread to other countries all over the world. We are immensely happy that we had been invited to be at the beginning of this marvellous project because it has already been clear that there is a vast number of passionate surfing enthusiasts who will give this sport a go.

Within the project it was necessary to ensure the protection of the building against the advert effects of water. In spite of the fact the waterproofing of a lower structure presents a challenging building technology, and requires adequate responsibility in approach. We assumed this task well and suggested a construction of the highest level of reliability. We used the same approach also in building of a one-layer flat roof with all its required functions, ie.the roof drainage, thermal insulation, soundproofing, fireproofing, mechanical resistance and stability, with the use of one roof deck. Speaking about the artificial wave mechanism, technically it is a circulation of water along the shaped soft surface. The building had been finished within 6 months and it will welcome mainly the public, and the unusual sport enthusiasts and lovers for whom a completely new type of entertainment in the form of indoor surfing and bodyboarding are prepared.

Reconstruction of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (or IKEM)

The reconstruction of the IKEM in Prague involved the renovation of the existing operation room, but it also included the construction of a new one.

We also to built laboratories designated to the treatment of complications caused by diabetes. We renovated the air-ventilation, electrical installation, medical staff area as well as the rooms for patients to rest before or after surgery. The renovation touched also the preparatory as well resting areas, and the entire technical area. For the patients, a modern and better-monitored recovery room has been redesigned. The ORs were equipped and furnished with the state-of-the-art devices - a mobile X-ray system, an aspirator device, and particularly with new operating tables, which are better adjustable and are equipped with interchangeable operating table tops ensuring a greater comfort in the transport of patients.