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What we also do

Man cannot live by building alone. Albeit… even in our other activities we remain close to building and construction. We, for instance, run our own building supply store, a mountain hotel, and we rent apartments in a state-of-the-art apartment block in Ostrava.

We also like to support projects close to our field and values they represent.

And if you wish to ask anything, contact us. Our team of professionals is ready to help. We will be happy to help with anything regarding building and construction.

Sporthotel Kurzovní

The Kurzovní Sporthotel belongs to one of the most modern and best-equipped hotels in the heart of the breathtaking Praděd National Nature Reserve in the Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area (the Jeseníky PLA).

The hotel is the highest-located mountain hotel in the Czech Republic offering high-quality accomodation with the capacity of 142 beds and 6 extra beds in rooms of different classes and sizes.

More information: www.kurzovni.eu

Construction materials

The company has its own store with construction materials, equipment and supplies and is equipped with its own machinery for the entire range of constructions including road transport, ground work machinery and material handling.

The store specializes in the sale of building materials in the field of dry as well traditional building. Porous concrete and brick building systems are the core materials as well as masonry materials, facade systems, polystyrenes and suspended ceilings.

More information: stavebniny.wachal.cz

Construction equipment rental

The company has its own rental store for construction equipment and machinery for the entire range of constructions including road transport, ground work machinery and material handling.

More information: pujcovna.wachal.cz

The Vyhlídka Hladnovská (Hladnovská view) - Your new home - apartment rental in Ostrava

Vyhlídka Hladnovská – pronájem nových bytů ve Slezské Ostravě, na Hladnově.

Nabízíme pronájem nových bytů ve vícepodlažní budově s 23 bytovými jednotkami různých velikostí a zajímavých dospozic, které poskytnou svým obyvatelům nadstandardní kvalitu bydlení. Pro více informací volejte na uvedené kontakty.

More information: vyhlidka-hladnovska.cz

CareerWould you like to work with us?

We are a solely Czech company and building construction is all ouf life. We have a rich expertise, a stable team of experts, and we perform and realize all reconstructions or new constructions always in a precise manner. We finish assignments in short delivery times.

I would like to work with you!

Selected referenceReconstruction of the operating theaters of the Prostějov Hospital

Reconstruction of the operating theaters of the Prostějov Hospital

In April, we completed the modernization of operating theaters and their facilities in the Prostějov Hospital, which is now one of the most modern hospitals in the country. We modified the interior and changed, for example, lighting, air conditioning, glass tiles,…